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Minnesota is a pleasant and comfortable state in the Midwestern and northern regions of the United States of America.  For a little bit of history about the state, Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd U.S. state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the historical and iconic Minnesota Territory.  One of the things that the state is very well known for is that it has a large number of lakes, and is known by the slogan “Land of 10,000 Lakes”.  Minnesota is geographically beautiful with pleasing rural areas and advanced and diverse urban areas too.

Minnesota is known for being the 12th largest in land area and the 21st most populous of the U.S. states, with nearly a full sixty percent of its residents live in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metropolitan area.  These Twin Cities are major centers of transportation, business, industry, education, and government and home to an internationally known arts community too.  The Twin Cities are an absolute gem.  The remainder of the state outside of the urban areas consists of western prairies now in use by intensive agriculture.  Plus there are the deciduous forests in the southeast, now partially cleared, farmed and settled; and the less populated North Woods, used for mining, forestry, and recreation too, with much of it left untouched.

Minnesota is known for many other things other than its advanced cities, agricultural prosperity, and beautiful rural areas.  For example, Minnesota has earned recognition nationwide for its progressive political orientation and its high rate of civic participation and voter turnout, which is one of the largest in the state.  Furthermore, Minnesota is a very diverse state, unlike most Midwestern states.  For example, in recent decades, immigration from Asia, the Horn of Africa, and Latin America has broadened its classical demographic and cultural composition too, all of which has made for diversity and variation of culture and ethnicity in this state.  Minnesota is also known for having a standard of living index that is among the highest in the United States, and the state is also among the best-educated and wealthiest in the nation too.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Minnesota


Sadly, wherever success and advancement goes, one can be sure that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction will follow, ten out of ten times.  Minnesota has been going through a period of steady growth and expansion that has lasted for almost three decades, only to be hit with intensive drug trafficking, drug addiction problems, and alcohol addiction problems in the last eight years.

For some facts and data on just how dangerous addiction is not only in Minnesota but all across the nation for that matter, consider the following statistics:

  • Alcohol abuse is not only the most damaging substance abuse issue in the United States but is also the most underreported substance abuse problem in the nation, too. It is a big problem in the Midwest, and Minnesota gets hit when it comes to alcohol misuse in the Midwest more so than any other state except for Wisconsin.  The truth is that there is so much money to be made with alcohol sales in the private sector and with taxes too, that the issue often goes unresolved and unaddressed completely.  Indeed, just in the year of 2015 over eighty-thousand Americans died from substance abuse of one kind or another, thanks to these issues and crisis problems, and the result of that was that over half a million Americans lost a loved one to an alcohol-related cause too.
  • Substance abuse issues continue to present themselves in different ways and wearing different faces each and every year. The problem here only seems to get worse as the years go by, and this truth can be seen pretty quickly by the mere fact that addiction has now been labeled as an actual epidemic too, not just as a crisis, but as a legitimate outbreak, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  When it comes to certain drugs in Minnesota, this could not be truer.  Drugs and alcohol have never before been given the classification of an actual epidemic in the nation as they have now, too.
  • Substance abuse problems show themselves left and right in the nation and Minnesota specifically, with far more prevalence than they ever had before. The truth of the matter is that addiction in the nation is a full-on epidemic, as shown by statistics reported by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, with over twenty-five million addicted nationwide, hundreds of thousands of which live in Minnesota.
  • A big problem that the United States is currently facing is with a tremendous resurgence of cocaine use and abuse nationwide.  Cocaine is a substance that for a couple of decades was almost entirely nonexistent, but which now is one of the most concerning substance abuse problems in the nation, especially in the rural areas of the Midwest and the Southwest. It made a great reappearance when Mexico also started to flush the nation with more and more heroin too. When heroin began to come into the nation, so did cocaine, and lots of it as well.
  • The organization that is responsible for studying the drug addiction problem in the United States, and in each state too, The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimated that in the year 2008 there were just under two million current (having used the drug in the past-month) cocaine users, of which approximately 359,000 were current crack users in tandem too.

Addressing Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Minnesota with Inpatient Rehabilitation


At this point, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the single best way to treat drug and alcohol addiction is with the help of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol substance abuse and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.  These are the rehab centers that do the most good and that offer the most help and assistance to those who need to beat drug and alcohol addiction and do something about the problem once and for all. With inpatient rehabilitation, it becomes possible to win the crisis battle against addiction once and for all.

With rehab applied in Minnesota, this state can know freedom and can understand recovery from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.  Drug and alcohol addiction has indeed gotten pretty bad in this state, but it does not have to continue in this way.  Utilizing rehabilitation will do a variety of good things for the state such as:

  1. Lower the number of addicts in the state.
Drop crime rates in the state.
  3. Boost the economy in the state.
  4. Help get people back into the workforce.
  5. Save thousands of lives who would otherwise die from their addictions.
  6. Take some of the pressure off of law enforcement and the DEA.
  7. Helps family members and loved ones of addicts go on with their lives.
  8. Boost the workforce in such a way that people will get back to work and the economy will grow as a result.

All in all, the clear answer to address Minnesota’s addiction problem is with inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction, and rehabilitation.


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